We have been traveling the world since 2009 to bring authentic tastes to you!
Fruits and veggies are gathered from farmers and our recipes are developed together with local manufacturers in Vietnam, Thailand, Italy and many other beautiful places in the world.
We do our best to source high quality, nutritious, full of flavour and tasty snacks.

It is our pleasure to be part of your healthy lifestyle.

MySnack Nutritionist & CEO

🍍🥭 MySnack is an Estonian brand that has been committed to providing nutritious and vitamin-rich snacks and quick bites for over ten years.

🥳 Products come mainly from Italy and Vietnam to ensure the freshest and fully ripe ingredients are packaged. The processing methods preserve maximum nutrients and vitamins without adding excessive preservatives.

👌 MySnack products are certified organic in Europe, guaranteeing their high quality and adherence to organic standards.

🤓 Our mouthwatering recipes are crafted by our visionary founder in collaboration with talented Vietnamese food scientists.

☀️ MySnack brand is built upon a Transparent Supply Chain, ensuring a short and transparent delivery process from farm to table.

👨‍🌾 The Farm-To-Table approach is followed at every step, with only carefully selected, esteemed, and controlled farm products making their way into MySnack packaging.

When one door closes, another opens (or even several), and already a week after the redundancy, I found myself at the world’s largest food fair in China, then in Paris, and a little later in Thailand. Commuting between Asia and Europe, I visited producers and started marketing freeze-dried fruits in Estonia.

Initially I stored the snacks at home and lived between the boxes for quite a while. That is how it works in the beginning. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, which removes moisture and retains all the vitamins and minerals (!), the snack packages were light and easy to carry.

MySnack is a registered trademark in the European Union. Today, we already operate our own strawberry and raspberry plantations in Southern Estonia, and all MySnack snacks have moved to a storage space. The assortment of snacks has also significantly expanded.

Most of our snacks are all natural, containing only pure fruit. And most importantly – they are delicious!

You can find MySnack health products in almost all stores, kiosks, school buffets and other well-stocked places. We also operate in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania so that you can find your favorites while traveling!

Parim lahendus vahepalaks

Ellyt is headstrong, which is why we are always growing. Her goal is to find new and interesting products to enrich the delicious and healthy product range.

Kädi-Liis Sepp

Kädi-Liis knows everything about food and nutrition. She conducts nutrition counseling for children, pregnant women, athletes, people who want to lose weight and anyone who wants it.